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Thursday, July 31st, 2014 5pm MST/5pm PST /7pm CST/ 8pm EST

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The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence


What does it take to be happy? IS there such a thing as true and lasting happiness? And if there is, why do so many of us find happiness so difficult to attain? These are the questions author Daniel Parmeggiani asked himself at the lowest point in his life when he was still a teenager.

A series of traumatic events during his childhood years created in Daniel deep guilt and self-doubt, crippling social phobia, and the devastating belief that there was something terribly wrong with him. He became an extreme perfectionist, never satisfied with anything he did. Full of misery and self-loathing, Daniel felt like a flawed human being living in a judgmental and ‘unfair’ Universe, and it got to a point where he felt he just couldn’t take it anymore.

But one day, at age 17, Daniel had an epiphany. He realised that every human being shared the same desire – the desire to feel better. All our apparent differences and complexities boiled down to a simple, single Truth:

Our ONLY motivation in life is to be happy.

Neither a lofty, flowery book of pop-spirituality, nor a complex, intellectual philosophical treatise, The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence offers a revolutionary new perspective for rational people looking for simple, clear and logical explanations for life’s most elusive mysteries. In this book, you’ll learn how all human beings are seeking the same five things in life. You’ll discover how connection, fairness, safety and meaning do indeed exist in the world. With dozens of practical exercises, this book will show you definitively how and why you are an innocent being, and how embracing your own innocence is the first step to finding freedom, self-love, true spirituality and total peace.

If you’ve spent years searching for happiness, truth and meaning in life, only to be left repeatedly with the same unanswered questions, pick up a copy of Daniel Parmeggiani’s The Magnificent Truths of Our Existence: Unlocking the Deeper Reality of Permanent Happiness for a mind-expanding journey that will finally help you make sense of the Universe.

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