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Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible: an Engineer’s Study of Scripture


DID PARANORMAL INCIDENTS AND EVENTS REALLY OCCUR AS MENTIONED IN THE BIBLE? Here’s a book for anyone interested in the spiritual side of Scripture.

It’s about amazing mysteries recorded in the Bible—sudden appearances, vanishings, teleportation, levitation, instant disease and instant healing, talking animals, ghosts, hauntings, unidentified objects, extraterrestrial beings, multidimensional travel, prophecies that suddenly come true, and absolute control over life and death.

In his research, the author identified over 390 of “mysteries” in the Bible—in what he calls “The Book of Secrets.” The author’s goal was to identify and report what he found—not challenge. Supernatural & Strange Happenings in the Bible gives readers an insight into biblical history from an entirely different perspective! It discusses powerful forces that existed then (and still exist today). It provides descriptive stories that explain what, where, and when concerning paranormal incidents frozen in time for all generations. Then it explores questions that resulted from this research.

Janet Love

Robert Brenner

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