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Plynn Gutman

Your Journal Companion

365 Writing Prompts to Heighten Awareness of Self and Others

Thursday, July 30th, 2015 5pm MST/5pm PST /7pm CST/ 8pm EST

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"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a featured guest on The Janet Love Show. Though I often guest on talk radio and podcasts, I found Janet Love to be a particularly intelligent and intuitive show host. A communicator who is passionate and knowledgeable in her field, Janet combines a persona life journey and thoughtful content that gets others more conscious about their life journey, too. Moreover, I recognized that Janet does her homework. Her questions demonstrated a genuine understanding of my work as well as a sincere interest in extending my message. She enabled me to talk about some of the deeper ideas behind my "Living Happy Inside Out"  vocation and helped convey certain concepts that haven't been shared else where. for that, I am most appreciative!"  Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney
Mike Ferry, Happiness and Innovation

I've had the good fortune of giving many interviews while discussing my book, Teaching Happiness and Innovation. Janet Love is one of my favorite interviews and I enjoyed our thought provoking discussion. Most hosts focus on the happiness end of my book. It was fun talking about creativity and the changes in society that are taking place and how we can encourage them. Janet is committed to making a difference in the world, one listener at a time."  Mike Ferry

Laurie Burton, Laurie Burton Training

What a terrific interview and Janet read the book!  I was so impressed. There was such a natural flow between the two of us. It was the best interview I have had!   Laurie Burton

I so enjoyed my interview with Janet. Her depth of understanding about my latest project brought me surprising new insights. It was inspiriting in unexpected ways and after the interview I felt quite uplifted. It is a pleasure and a great opportunity to be on Janet's show and I'm tremendously grateful for the experience!

Grammy Award Winner - Laura Sullivan


The journaling process made easy with an entire year’s worth of thought provoking writing prompts, appropriate for use by teens through seniors. From the heart of her own 25-year journaling practice, the author attests that developing a daily writing habit can inform and transform one’s life by increasing inner knowledge and outer awareness. The author begins by deftly explaining the emotional and physiological benefits of personal writing and offers tips on “how, where and when” to start the process. She acknowledges the challenges and insecurities many feel about writing but encourages the ability to do so without restraint by introducing several, easy yet powerful techniques, which she has used with students and clients over the last twelve years. A perfect book for anyone who as ever considered taking up journaling but didn’t know how to begin, or for those who like to journal but sometimes have trouble getting started. These 365 engaging prompts also offer teachers, counselors, coaches and group leaders from all walks of life a guide to help people engage in broadening awareness of self, relationships, health, work and creativity, and offer the opportunity to develop greater emotional intelligence. Professional writers may find the prompts helpful to segue into the creative process, as well.

Plynn Gutman has been journaling for over 25 years. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing, has a private practice as an Integrated Life Coach and Energy Practitioner, and is the owner and co-facilitator of Your Liminal Space, which offers self-awareness retreats around the world. She is the former Director of the Young Adult Writing Project (YAWP), an ASU English Department summer writing program for 8th through 12th Grade students, and has facilitated workshops on personal awareness through writing in the US, Canada and the UAE. "Your Journal Companion" reflects the culmination of these experiences.

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Thursday, July 30th, 2015 -

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