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The Janet Love Show Presents

Chaney Weiner

Because This Is Your Life How to Live a Meaningful Life While Feeling Respected Appreciated, and Recognized for Who You Are and All You Do!

Thursday, April 7th 2016 - 1 pm MST, 1 pm PST /3pm CST/ 4pm EST

Daylight Savings began March 13th, 2016 please note the new Show Times for your area!

Laurie Burton, Author, Actress & Trainer

Being interviewed by Janet is like walking and exploring a path that I'd never been on before.  It was an interview like no other. Janet knew my book and had so many questions and such appreciation and understanding for the work, I was blown away.

Janet knows her stuff and its presented with such depth. There is nothing superficial about her interviews. Janet is caring, fun and real. We really just shared a conversation. Two passionate women talking about what matters.

What a professional! I've done many interview, but Janet's takes the cake, wins the prize, goes for the gold! Please let's do it again!

Laurie Burton


Laurie Burton, Author, Actress & Trainer, Laurie Burton Training

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience as a featured guest on The Janet Love Show. Though I often guest on talk radio and podcasts, I found Janet Love to be a particularly intelligent and intuitive show host. A communicator who is passionate and knowledgeable in her field, Janet combines a personal life journey and thoughtful content that gets others more conscious about their life journey, too. Moreover, I recognized that Janet does her homework. Her questions demonstrated a genuine understanding of my work as well as a sincere interest in extending my message. She enabled me to talk about some of the deeper ideas behind my "Living Happy Inside Out"  vocation and helped convey certain concepts that haven't been shared else where. for that, I am most appreciative!"  Maura Sweeney

Maura Sweeney, Author & Speaker
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"While some interviewers are good as asking questions, Janet Love unearths deeper meanings and life-changing insight in the interview. Because she completely understand the difference between simple knowledge and profound wisdom discovered within the true, soul essence of a person, Janet Love has the ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. In these times of intellectual prowess, it's refreshing to discover someone who utilizes a profound aptitude in intuition as well. If you want to understand the sixth sense, listen to Janet Love!"  Paddy Fievet

Paddy Fivet
Paddy Fivet, Spiritual Author & Teacher

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Thursday, April 7th, 2016 -

Daylight Savings began March 13th, 2016 be sure to check your time!

1 PM Pacific Time
1 PM Mountain (AZ Time)
3  PM Central
4PM Eastern Time

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